longlegggsDecember 4, 2008

We need to get rid of pesticides and grass additives that the animals will eat and injest. Numerous cases of dogs and cats with cancer inflicting their feet, from walking/laying ontop of these poisons. I would not want my kids running around barefoot on the lawns today! Thank God they are grown and we didn't use these products in the 60's

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Pesticides were much nastier in the 60's. Awareness was much lower, not the hazards. Think Chlordaine and DDT for instance.

I'm not advocating pesticides. I agree with the notion that they should not be used indescriminantly, they need to be well regulated, and they should only be available to qualified applicators.

I agree that pesticide use on lawns is excessive and most often pure vanity. However, non-native invasive species are often what is targeted. Their reduction in lawn areas helps reduce seed dispersal and proliferation in native plant communities where they displace and often replace those natives.

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I agree there is too much put onto lawns in the name of the "Better Homes and Gardens" look. It would be very sad if anyone's pet got sick from the crap they put on their own lawn, I would not wish that on anyone, but OTOH it's their own fault.

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What goes on farm fields and lawns ends up in our water supply, too. Just because a pesticide is banned in the U.S. doesn't mean it still isn't manufactured here and exported to the very countries we import winter fruits and vegetables from. It is also a very real reason for the decline of songbirds that winter over in Central and South America.

There is a reason why certain forms of cancers, i.e. lymphomas are on the increase, especially in younger people. This is what the hospital nurse told me before my bone marrow biopsy to verify my non-hodgkins lymphoma. #1 in health care reform should be making our air, food and water safe for everyone.

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before using a pesticide first find out the problem, confirm about the solving with a pesticide use or without it and follow up tests to use a proper 1 causing no side effects to others plants and people

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One thing to consider is eating your weeds instead of sprayin gthem. Many weeds have powerful tonic and nutritive effects and are highly gourmet. Before weakening your soil to get rid of what may be one of the greatest gifts your garden has to offer, get your weeds analyzed.
Weeding and harvesting can be one and the same.

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You guys are my kind if people, we need to stand up for what's right! We need to get rid of these poisons!

Achidofia: you remind me a lot like myself! I'm been trying to tell people this for who knows how long...

Speak of it, a man jus north of me In Toronto Canada Gary tibbo eats wild edibles exclusively... He lives off them!

Check this link out telling you more about this man


Here is a link that might be useful: True sustainability

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Let dandelions & clover grow in your lawn to help native bees,..put up some wild bee brood boxes.
And if you want to be extra nice and have lots of energy, grow extra flowers, will help the bees!

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Hear! Hear! A VERY good discussion on pesticides and the harm they do. I especially like the reminder about the fact that just because we aren't using them, that doesn't mean other countries aren't. We import an awful lot of food. A good reason to grow your own too. I've started using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to control garden pests, fleas and ticks. I live out in the country, and though I can't powder every place my dogs roam, putting DE down at the same time I apply organic fertilizer gets two jobs done at once! Try'll like it!

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Im not trying to sell anything here or try to get you to join my business, but im apart of a business that has 350 different all natural products no pesticides and no harsh chemicals in any of their products. All their products are things we use everyday in our homes and like i said its all natural . Again im not trying to push anyone into joining this business, but it is an opportunity to earn some extra money while using these products or just buying the products that are safer for you and your family. If your interested to know the basics of what the company is go to if you have any questions whats so ever just email me at

I would love to see everyone going green!!!!

Thanks Heather

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