Please help me to id these 3 snakes fron Nicaragua

carlosgardenDecember 24, 2013

These snakes are from Nicaragua. The pictures were taken in Ometepe Island.
There is any scientific study about snakes on the island, but we receive many tourists and I would like to know more about them. Proper id is the best way to start researching.

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picture #2

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pic #3

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Sorry, I don't know the common names, but:

Number 1 is Conophis lineatus. This snake comes in striped and unstriped morphs. You can barely see the stripes here, but you can see the dark marks on the side of the head typical of this species. It is mildly venomous and has a painful bite.

Number 2 is Stenorrhina freminvillei. Again there are striped and unstriped morphs of this snake, yours is obviously the striped morph.

Number 3 is The Speckled Racer (Drymobius margaritiferus).

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