Black Rat Snake(Arkansas)

dbarronAugust 19, 2014

Well, I went outside and saw about a 4 foot rat snake sunning. I called a neighbor over to confirm he wasn't a cottonmouth (I thought not..but he was black and pretty thick and aggressive). We didn't harm him, though he was ready to defend himself. Neighbor took off sandal and approached closely with it....snake buried fangs in it repeatedly.

I want to not have the rats, mice, and maybe young rabbits that he will consume...but darn, never seen so aggressive a newly shed snake.

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Sharon McKenzie

Non-venomous snakes don't have "fangs", though. Are you sure it was not a Black Racer? The highly defensive behavior sounds more typical of a Racer than a Rat Snake.

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No, i don't think so...racers are slender..this was a thicker body...which was why doubt entered my mind about cottonmouth. He also had mostly obscured patterns which indicated rat snake.
And I say in...buried his teeth in the sandal. I did not catch snake and open his mouth and ask him to say 'Ahhh...' :)

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Any snake can have a grumpy day. Racers are permanently annoyed with the world.

Like this one?

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Lol, I've never had a black racer not do what it's name implies...race away.

For me, it's the cottonmouths that absolutely hate me...they inevitably head right for me....I don't stand there to see what their intention is..when they reach me.

By contrast, while aggressive when pestered, this snake laid perfectly still hoping that we wouldn't see him....till he was sure he had been detected, then coiled, and struck (repeatedly). He spent some time up with coils in air too...oddly.

All in all, he put on as much show as a hognose snake (lol).

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All snakes have fangs. But non venomous snakes fangs are very tiny, and produce no venom. Poisonous snakes have large fangs and the venom. Also look at the eyes. Non venomous snakes have round pupils. Poisonous snakes have pupils like a cat's eye.

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