garter snake under snow

bogmanDecember 18, 2013

I found a garter snake in my yard that was probably under the snow . The snow is melting ( i'm in north DE) and has uncovered him. He looks perfect, clear eyes and hes not frozen.What should i do with him.

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Leave him alone?

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Tuck him under a pile of dried leaves outside - like behind a bush - and leave him

Do NOT warm him up - he'll probsbly die

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If in doubt, call a pro - the zoo, university or local animal care, but there is a good article at Putting it outside in the winter, if he can't get himself below the frost line, could kill him.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garter Snakes in Winter

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thanks everyone for the info. I've put him under some leaf litter thats south facing. we're due to warm up for 2 days then down in temp again. I'm also going to make some calls to esee if there is a local person who can help.
Thanks again.

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Hello there,

Decision is all your's. because no one knows that kind of snake it is.

Thank You

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