Unknown snake in South America

vgarzonJuly 24, 2014


I live in Medellin, in Colombia, and today I found a small snake on the elevator of my building. It is VERY strange to find snakes in big cities, so I have no idea of what kind of snake is it. The thing is that I took a picture. You'll see it from a 30cm distance. It was not aggressive and it was very small, I don't know if it's a baby snake or just a small variety.

I'd like to know if there could be more (his mother, for example) due to its variety and habits, and if they're a dangerous or poisonous species.

Many thanks!

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Tough to tell exactly what it is without a closer photo, but it isn't a venomous species. It is a juvenile of one of the "racer-like" snakes.

If I would have to guess, it is a juvenile of one of the following genera:
Chironius - "Sipos"
Dendrophidion - "Forest Racers"
Drymoluber - "Woodlands Racer"
Mastigodryas - "Tropical Racers"

All of those genera are harmless and I strongly suspect it is one of the species in those genera.

It is not one of the Colombian coralsnakes nor is it any species of viper.

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There is a Facebook group for snake identification that has a lot of experts from around the world on it. If you are a Facebook user, you could post the photo there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook Snake Identification group

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Black Racer

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Sharon McKenzie

Black Racers are not found in Colombia, South America.

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