raising frog eggs?

DesiraiJuly 22, 2014


We have an adorable mommie frog who has been laying eggs in buckets outside our house. However, certain neighborhood delinquents have found the tadpoles and eggs and destroyed them.

Well, mommie frog laid NEW eggs last night.

I want to collect some and raise to ensure their survival.

Does anyone have experience raising fresh frog eggs to froglets?

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Here is a link to a site that describes the general process. A couple of tips would be :
- only use dechlorinated water
- tadpoles will eat flake fish food as well as lettuce, etc.
- tadpoles do better if they are in lower densities so spread them out into separate containers
- make sure the froglets can get out of the water when they are ready
- release the froglets on a rainy evening so they have a chance to get to cover before daybreak or they get too dry

If you have a macro lens/setting on your camera, you can get some neat photos as they develop (the photo I attached is a type of salamander, but the idea is the same)

Here is a link that might be useful: How to raise tadpoles

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