A hawk tried to grab my dog.

moddyzgirlOctober 21, 2006

Earlier this morning I took my toy yorkie outside, he's just about 4lbs, and right before my eyes, a hawk swooped down from over top of the house and went after him. I couldn't see the dog because the hawk was so large. Luckily, after screaming and waving my arms, the bird flew up again, and I could see my yorkie hunkered down, terrified. How can I get rid of this hawk, I can't take the dog outside without the hawk circling him, but he never tried to catch him until today. I need help, someone please tell me what to do.

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All raptors are protected, so there really isn't much you can do to get "rid of it". You may just have to resort to going outside with your little pooch while he does his business to make sure the hawk doesn't try it again. Also, be careful at night. If you have Great-horned Owls around, a Yorkie would be easy prey for these birds too.


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Leave the hawk alone. Get a bigger dog!

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This is one of the disadvantages of having 4 lb dogs. Don't even think about harming the hawk - that's the wrong way to tackle the issue. I'm sorry but the best solution would be to accompany your dog closely at all times on a short leash. Perhaps get a bigger dog to give him company.

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Walk the dog on a leash every time. Don't leave it outside alone or the bird will take it. That's all you can do. Getting a bigger dog won't protect the little dog. Let them separate for one moment and the little dog will be taken despite the big dog being nearby.

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moddyzgirl: If it were me, I'd get a New Year's Eve noisemaker of some kind; a horn, or one of those things you crank, that makes a bunch of noise, and carry it with me.

Keep your Yorkie on a short leash, and if the Hawk is bold enough to STILL swoop on it, make a bunch of racket with your noisemaker. Should freak the Hawk into avoiding you and your Yorkie.

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I think the law allows for a person to protect himself and his property if it is being threatened with harm.

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I would think only a Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle or a Great Horned Owl would be big enough to take a small dog. A shame to kill one of those or lose your dog. One may be nesting nearby, what region do you live? I would discuss the problem with the local Game Warden. Please don't harm the raptor.
Joe T

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My 18 month old was playing in the front yard yesturday. I was about 15 feet from her. She was crouched on the ground playing with the grass. A hawk swooped down above her, about a foot and a half above her head, and then flew off. It scared both of us, we didn't even see it coming! I would guess it to be a Cooper's Hawk, and obviously a 25 pound toddler would be way too heavy, but it took a look anyways!! Christy

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No, the hawk was not looking at or thinking about taking the baby. The child happened to be there as the hawk swooped past.

Your child is safe.

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It clearly was taking a look, I not suggesting she wasn't safe, just thought it was an interesting story.

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