can toads swim?

vieja_gwJune 20, 2011

Earlier I had posted about a big fat toad that appeared n our yard. Now a couple years later I found ? the same one again in the yard. We have dogs, so afraid they would harm the toad, I put it in the fenced in garden only to find it by the back door a few nights later! Either the dogs don't see it or lost interest... now tonight we heard a strange loud sound in the back yard & there was the toad again 'croaking' but now in the fish pond! I feared it had fallen in & would drown & went to take it out of the pond only to hear another of the same sounds coming from the other side of the pond... a smaller fat toad!! Must be mating season? Sure can make a loud ruckas! The old supestition: 'if a toad 'pees' on you it will give you warts'! My ? though is: do toads like water & can they swim like frogs can? Neither of the toads show no fear as I can pick either of them up.

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Toads swim well-they have webbed feet for a reason. Yours will most likely lay long strings of eggs in the water. Toads are good to have around unless they are the cane or marine toad (Bufo marinus)which in that case they should be removed. Be sure to ID correctly- cane toads are HUGE-a fully grown adult will cover a coffee saucer. Paul.

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Think they are Arizona toads. Saw some teeny, tiny black specks that looked like poppy seeds in the pond the next morning. Thinking they must be the eggs the toads layed, I took a lot out of the pond (afraid the goldfish would eat them) & put them in a pail of water. Today (June 25) I looked in the bucket & saw hundreds of baby 'toad-lets' swimming around!! Any idea as to how I should keep them now? The parents have gone to places unknown in our yard again.

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