get hawk out of my yard PLEASE

pagewaldJuly 1, 2006

I want the HAWK in my backyard to go live SOMEWHERE ELSE. Don't chastise me, please. I don't want the thing dead. I'm just sick of its constant squawking and I'm sick of the way it makes all the other birds in the yard NUTS. It is constant racket, sunup to sundown. I want the creatures in my yard to live in peace and not fear for their lives every second of every day. (Yes, as I told my husband, I know he has to eat, too. I DO know about the food chain ...)

Please tell me how to make it move on down the road. Thanks.

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It's just temporary...likely a young hawk and it's begging to be fed.
Stop feeding the other birds for a won't hang around if it's not getting a sparrow banquet.
Linda C

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I very rarely hear any of the hawks that visit my yard. I agree, stop feeding the smaller birds and the hawk will leave once its birdfeeder banquet disappears.


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Did you ever consider the fact that YOU have intruded into the hawk's backyard?

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Early this spring, we were raking and pulling up weeds, and old branches, into a pile. the fellow across the road was doing that too.
suddenly, i saw a large shadow flit past us, about ten foot away! I looked up to see a Red-tailed hawk peering at the weed piles! It sat on a low limb, watched for a short while, then swooped down across the piles and flew away!
In all the years i've lived here, i've never seen a hawk come that close to the house, or people! Must have been hungry!

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mike, please don't be so simple minded

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OK. We were here first. This planet was made for us. Whenever we are inconvencied by a plant or animal, it should be removed immediately so we can get on with our lives. Simple enough for you?

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Oh my!! simple minded....
I suppose you could get a gun...but where I live, it's against the law to kill a non game species, and if I saw someone doing that I would report them.

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It depends on your tolerance. If you put a creature's comfort ahead of your comfort or welfare have at it. I hear of some people who are eaten by bears, wolves, mountain lions, gators. If that your cup of tea so be it. For me, I don't intend for me or my children to end up as animal scat. Never thought about being eaten by a hawk.

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Many hawks are attracted to activity. The hawk that swooped over the leaf pile was undoubtedly looking for field mice that it knows are stirred up when leaves are disturbed. When we bale hay, they follow the tractor. They are not after us or the tractor, but the mice that are stirred up in our wake. They follow my dog through a hay field, certainly not after a labrador retriever, but to get the mice stirred up by our presence. I agree with the comments about the bird feeder. It provides an easy banquet for certain hawks. No different than leaving canned cat food on your porch at night and attracting skunks or racoons! I watch hawks (and owls) almost daily. It is very easy when there is activity - easy to find redtails, coopers, etc.

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I once had a Coopers nest in my yard, loved it, but I can see how one could be a problem around a bird feeder. Personally. I would get a few firecrackers and set one off each time I noticed the hawk around. Check with the cops and firemen first and get permission. Keep us posted on how this works out.
Joe T

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LOL I agree with mike, love the way he said it. That you might have intruded into hawk's backyard

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I have seen a hawk in my neighborhood (san jose, CA)and in my backyard orange tree almost every day this week. It may have been here prior, but I've only lived here for a couple of months and just became aware of it. I am completely mesmerized by it, but became alarmed when 2 of my friends told me that I should watch out because it could be after my small dogs....yikes!! Is that something that I should be concerned with - if so, what do I do? My dogs are not that small - about 20 - 25 lbs. - but this is a large hawk!

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No hawk will attempt to eat a 25 pound dog. They may look big, but they only weight a couple of pounds at best. Your pooches are safe.

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I too, am having the same problem with hawks. I absolutely love my outside animals. I have birds, squirrels, rabbits, possums, I even have a chipmunk. I can tell when a hawk is around, it gets really quiet outside, then all of a sudden you hear all of the BlueJays sqawking, and sure enough there is a Hawk around. A couple of weeks ago, I went outside, and I saw this like shadow out of the corner of my eye, when I turned and looked, OMG, there was a Hawk sitting in my driveway, just looking around. I swear this Hawk was 4 feet tall. I walked over and got about 2-3 feet away from her. I shooed her away, but you could definitely tell she was NOT afraid of me. I truly understand that they have to eat too, I just want them to go somewhere else. I saw her kill one of my mourning doves, I screamed and she dropped her. I picked up the dove and held her until she died. I buried her. I cried and cried and cried. It is bad enough I have to deal with this idiot down the street from me who lets his cats run the neighborhood. I have to constantly shoo the cats out of my yard.
I just love my outside animals, and want them safe.

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I used to feel just like you about the predators--I've had hawks and owls and herons come in and I have caused some little bird to fly only to get caught. They have eaten my goldfish and chipmunks. I hate it but I also see the plight of these predator birds, and we need them on this earth too. It is hard not to care about them as well.

If the hawk is in your yard don't go outside--you will be the one causing a creature to get caught by the hawk. The creatures are scared of you just as much and they will run right into the hawks waiting talons to get away from you, the newest danger.

Burying a bird the hawk has already killed is a waste--do you think you are training them not to kill in your yard? It is all instinct--that is how they eat.
To get rid of the hawk try avoiding your back yard for a week or two and stop all feeding of creatures until the hawk can't get a ready meal. This might take more than a few weeks. I have given up feeding any birds because of all the cats in my neighborhood.

On a higher level fight all requests in your community for removal of trees and green spaces so these birds of prey won't have to work so hard for a meal.
Do some research on these birds so you can see their beauty and their place in our world.

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The best way to keep a hawk away is to remove the food source. STOP feeding birds and other wildlife and you reduce the amount of those creatures in your yard. If there's no food, the hawk goes away.

The squaking that was heard is just a fledgeling. It's learning how to be a bird, and it's parents are either around somewhere nearby bringing it food, or it's parents have just recently left and the juvie will stop squaking once he figures that out. Either way, he'll stop soon.

Seriously though, it's a BIRD, the same as all the other birds. You really can't be picky about what wildlife you like in your yard and what you don't. You're attracting the predators by attracting their food source. If you don't like that, then you have to stop attracting their food source by not putting out food and water for other birds and small mamals. Besides, the hawks are simply keeping the local critters in check, without them, squirrels and bunnies, no matter how cute, would be tearing up your yard desperatly searching for food until they grew so numerous that they started starving to death.

And in case anyone didn't know, in most states it's illegal to a)shoot a gun in the city, b)blow off fireworks in the city c)distroy a native bird nest d) disturb native wildlife e)kill a "sport" animal during non-hunting season.

Besides, it's not exactly as if the hawk probably likes you and all YOUR activity too much either, but it's not trying to get rid of you. It's just trying to survive. It's can't just "go somewhere else" because there is less and less places that can be habitat. If you've done a good job in cultivating native wildlife in your yard, then the hawk being there is a sign that you've done your job well, and that you've made a wonderful habitat for all native wildlife.

Non-natives, or cats should be dealt with by either the DNR, local humane societies etc. who are equiped to deal with them properly. Consider speaking to your neighbor about any cat problems, and mention that there are bodies, scat etc in your yard that should be cleaned up by the owner of the animal. If they don't comply, file a nuscaince complaint with the local police dept.

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fishandflowers: I really like this statement: "If you've done a good job in cultivating native wildlife in your yard, then the hawk being there is a sign that you've done your job well, and that you've made a wonderful habitat for all native wildlife."

This is the so very true and you expressed it very well. There is a thrill in seeing a hawk in your own backyard--it is an honor to have a yard that is appealing enough so that a hawk feels that it is part of his world.

On the way home from work today I saw 4 red tailed hawks on the high wires next to the interstate. 3 were obviously juvenile hawks with a parent. On the other side of the frontage road where they were is a large farm in the last stages of being parcelled off and sold to developers. It is very sad that the few trees left on this land will be gone and there will be a car dealer or a staples or whatever where these birds have hunted.

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my 2 year old chihuahua was killed by a hawk today in my back yard. Perhaps some of you hawk lovers may be interested in fostering your dog in my back yard for the week. I found this site because i had googled "how to scare a hawk away". I am looking some information on doing this to protect my other dogs. People who tell you that a hawk just eats squalls and rabbits don't have a clue.

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sorry for your loss, but why come here to vent on the "hawk lovers". any small animal is prey to a hawk and unfortunately these things happen.

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We've had a Cooper's hawk in our yard for several months now. I guess I've been fattening up the doves for too long. :-)

Today is the first day I've seen it actually eating a bird (missed the kill, darn!) but this morning saw it fly on two unsuccessful tries to get doves.

I have mixed emotions, of course. I love watching such a great bird sit on our bench and act like it's "his" turf. But I also love watching all the other birds come in and feed, we have a huge variety. The only negative for me is that there are so few birds around lately because he's set up camp here on a daily basis. Still, it's very fun watching Mr. Cooper. He's a first year juvenile, still has the vertical stripes on his chest.

We put in a large strip of land (about an acre long by 20 feet wide) where we don't mow, have planted many wildflowers and trees (over 100 trees) just to bring in smaller animals and birds as everyone around here has "fencerow fever" and loves to remove old fencerows, the only standing thing left for wildlife. I have a feeling this has led to more hawks due to rabbits and other smaller mammals. I think it's a great addition to the yard, a place that never gets trimmed and mowed and is just wild. I really don't care what the neighbors think and I'm very thankful that I live in a rural "non-stepford neighborhood" where everything is über controlled.

Enjoy what ever happens in your yard and let it be!

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I have seen video of an eagle taking down a full grown deer. Don't be deterred by size. They don't always fly off with their prey. They can kill it on the ground, then feast. Some vultures have also been known to be aggressive enough to kill.

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I had just typed up a big long post but realized i had to be registered.I have a hawk hanging around my yard for weeks now.I have had doves nest in my yard and even on my back porch last year,i watched the babies grow and when they left the nest there was a bad storm that night,like 50mph winds and torential rain.The next morning there was one of the baby doves right on my back porch,and as i was looking out the window a big black cat was about to snatch him up till i opened the door and screamed.Im pretty sure he had already ate one of them as i never seen it again.These doves are the most beautiful and peacful birds.I could even pet them on the nest.Well they usually come here every day.But i havent seen them in 3 days.I had to scare the hawk out of my tree as the doves were feeding,but i couldnt be here all the time so i guess he finally got them.He has already killed most of my squirrels and some other birds.Now that i know he has probably killed my doves and i do have a cat.Im going to buy me a sheridan pellet rifle multi pump,and believe me it will kill him no problem.I see redtails every day so i dont think they are that endangered any more.The bottom line is this is my yard and i like my wildlife and i was attached to my doves,and i love my cat so i will protect my animals.I mean if you had a farm and a pack of wolves were killing all your animals are you just gonna say well they have to eat to.I dont think so.Im gonna take care of this killer.Its my yard and ill take the chance on the federal offense.Ill just pop him through a cracked window and quickly dispose of the body.I once popped a mean sparrow it was dragging the lil baby nuthatches out of the gord nest that we put up for them,luckily we seen him do it and saved them,but one shot and he was done.I will protect my wildlife.If he couldnt take a hint with the whistling bottle rockets then i dont know what else to do but kill it.Even though its a lil late for my beautiful doves.So hawk lovers can kiss it.

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*cough* Alot of people don't know this but Great Horned Owls prey on hawks. Even the big Redtail Hawks are easily killed by them. Soooo.. if you put up a fake owl in your yard, mostly likely your hawk will quickly leave. You may scare off some other wildlife doing this but they tend to catch on that it's fake. I love hawks but I also love doves and pigeons... ;)

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Growing up as a teenager my parents like most the folks in our neighborhood kept a bird feeder in the front yard. Well, we had the wonderful experience of being able to attract a Sparrow Hawk. From what I remember the Hawk was young and inexperienced, we had a large evergreen about five feet from the bird feeder and once it had failed to catch a bird near the feeder it would dive into the evergreen after another chance at dinner. Usually it would miss and retire to it's usual perch atop the bird feeder for about half an hour. It was really nice to have the hawk around though I'm pretty sure the nesting pair of redtails we had down the road ran him off.

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