Bald eagles in Hackensack NJ!

tracey_nj6March 12, 2007

I'm floored! There was an article in last weeks Bergen Record that an adult and juvie had set up shop in the area behind Riverside Square Mall, right on the Hackensack River. There's also a rumor (2 sources) that there's 5 in Overpeck Park in Leonia. I had always dreamed of seeing an eagle in the wild, not in a zoo (Van Saun & DC's Metro). I got my wish on Saturday! There were 3 seagulls flying behind a large bird, making the strangest noises. I kept my eye on it, hoping it was the eagle, but with all the hawks around here, I wasn't too hopeful. Well, when it flew overhead and I saw that beautiful white head and tail feathers, I was stunned. I'm being a total geek now, always going out on the deck with my camera, hoping to get a shot of it. I still can't believe it!!!

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You are very lucky.
The above link is to a nesting pair who just laid 2 eggs about ago.
Happy viewing

Here is a link that might be useful: EAgles NEst

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