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claudia123November 4, 2007


A couple of months ago my husband mentioned that he found a few little holes in a cotton T-shirt, a pair of thick cotton pants and in his woolen suit. I brushed it aside thinking it was the washing machine, knowing that moths only eat silk and wool. Then he pointed out a couple of weeks later that there were small holes in his cotton zip up hoody jacket. And today I found all these little holes in my woolen and silk shirts that were stacked on top of each other and all the clothes were in the same closet. I was alarmed and started looking all over for the reason when I first found the shells and then the live form of a minibug on other silk clothes. Unfortunately, it is too small to take a picture of so I will attempt to describe it the best I can: IT is about 2.5 mm in length and .5 mm in width.It seems to have quite a few little feet and a shell that is brown and black (like rings). I tried to look it up on the Internet, but have not found it. I actually saw it the first time in my saffron spice in the kitchen and it must have been contaminated when we bought it. I didn't use the spice for some time and when I grabbed the bag it was full of those critters. They had also gotten out of the plsstice bag. But how can something like that eat clothes?

Anybody an idea what it is?

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Critters that eat fabrics include various small beetles, among them carpet beetle, furniture beetle, drugstore beetle.

And several clothes moths can join the party -- the clothes moth and the case-making moth.

Sounds like you have one of the beetles.

In any event, the remedy is the same no matter which of the critters is making mayhem-- and you now have a weekend project.

Clean up, toss out or clean (launder with hot water or dry clean, which ever is appropriate).

Discard any boxes as the pupal stages can hide in cracks and crevices therein.

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