Please tell me this isn't a bed bug...

Sheo52November 4, 2013

I need to know if this is a bed bug.. please help :(

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This is another photo.. they arent clear, but im worried i might have bed bugs. If anyone can assist I will appreciate it

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Okay, I just looked up images for bed bug so I am fairly certain it is not.. or maybe im wrong. Still this isnt the first encounter with this insect so any information on it will help...

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Cannot be sure with such blurry pictures, but it doesn't look like your insect has the obvious multiple abdominal segments that bedbugs have.

And if this is the second encounter after some time, I would think someone would be getting bitten by now if both sightings were bedbugs.

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It doesn't look like it to me, but the pictures aren't clear enough to be sure. To check for bedbugs, take the sheets off of your mattress and look in the crevices along the seams and such. I make a habit of doing this when I check into a hotel room. Entomology classes and visits to the urban entomology lab have made me paranoid. :)

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From what I have heard they should be tiny blood stains on your sheets and you should have been bit by now!

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Okay. It's not a bed bug.

Where did you find it?
What is it doing?
Does it have any friends? If so, how many?

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It seems that it's a not a bed bug but we can't tell that for sure since the images are not clear. But here are some information I read online on how to identify a bed bug and bed bug infestations.

1. Look for black residue on your bedding, mattress, headboard, and box spring. This residue is actually fecal matter that bed bugs leave behind after they feed. Because bed bugs only feed on blood, the fecal matter is nothing more than dried up blood. This residue will typically look like small black magic marker dots.

2. Look for behind eggs and eggshells (generally tiny, approx. 1mm). They also shed their skin.

3. Use lighter colored bedding. It is definitely possible for you to react involuntarily by rolling or turning over in your sleep if a bed bug is crawling on you. If you so happen to crush the bed bug, it will leave a small blood stain on whatever it was crushed against. This is much more easy to recognize on lighter color bedding.

4. Bites are the most obvious symptom of a bed bug infestation. Bed bug bites are very similar to mosquito bites. The most common way to differentiate the two is the pattern. Bed bugs like to bite in a pattern that is a linear group of 3. This is commonly referred to as "breakfast, lunch and dinner." Bed bug bites are usually more itchy and longer lasting than mosquito bites. Bed bug bites can sometimes last up to 9 days.

5. Look for them when they're active. Bed bugs are generally nocturnal and come out between the hours of 2-5 AM. They prefer to feed closer to dawn, so if you happen to be awake during this time, it is a good time to look for bed bugs. The most effective tool in searching for bed bugs in your bed is a simple flashlight. Gently remove your comforter and sheets while you are still in the bed and check underneath for bugs, particularly beneath the folds around the mattress edges. Bed bugs are generally large enough to easily see with the naked eye - an adult bed bug that has recently fed is often compared to an apple seed in both size and appearance. Try to limit your motion as much as possible - moving might cause them to retreat into their hiding places.
If you find a bug in your bed, don't jump to conclusions. Make sure you inspect the body of the bug very carefully. Immature bed bugs are a light yellow translucent color, while adults are a reddish brown color. Their life stages, from egg to adulthood, are said to be "from sesame seed to apple seed." Regardless of their life stage, they will be darker after they have fed. As a rule of thumb, bed bugs are generally smaller than 1/4 of an inch long. Bed bugs are oval, flat in shape and do not have wings.

I hope these information helps you.

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adult carpet beetle.

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Doesn't look like a bed bug to me. Looks similar to what I always find in my house late summer to fall, mostly around damp places like the tub. Sort of tick looking and very slow moving? When winter sets in they go away.

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It doesn't look like a bedbug to me, though it's really hard to tell from the photo. Bedbugs are described as looking like a small apple seed. Where there's one, there will definitely be more, so strip your bed and the mattress cover. Look in the crevices and seams. You may also see tiny blood spots on your sheets and mattress and IF you have bedbugs, you will have been bitten by now. It might not look like bites; it might look more like a rash and will probably be really itchy.

I'm thinking this is probably not, but regardless of what it is...look into Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Food Grade, as a natural means to control. It will control a whole host of pests.

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