A strange Fox-like animal.

jasonjayMay 28, 2006

I saw this animal in a business park on a small open stretch of grass, it seems to be a fox, but I can't find anything on the web about it. Can someone please help me out? Thanks

Image link:

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Appears to be a very very sickly fox.

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A Fox with advanced, generalized Demodectic mange.


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It's a foxote, the fox/coyote hybrid.

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I don't know what this animal is but the G&F guy here say's that Fox & Coyote do not cross breed ~ would be like trying to cross a Cat with a Dog or a Deer with an Antelope.

Could it have gotten loose from a zoo or circus? Kind of looks like the wild dogs from Africa.

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As stated, it has severe mange, and that is often fatal. It can be treated, if a wildlife rehabilitator can get access to it.

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That's sad. It looks very ill.

Deb in PA

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One hundred percent agreed with Lisa, This a fox with advanced mange, and it needs help. Please contact a wildlife rehabilitator if you ever see it again, although it might not be likely since so much time has passed since your original posting.

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It is a Red Fox with mange for sure, poor little guy.

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Absolutely a red fox with mange. Sad. -jp

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I have worked at a vet clinic. Fox with mange for sure. Poor thing. It can be fatal if not treated. They can loose all of their fur and be very scarey looking when this happens. Sad about the poor thing.

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Yes, most likely mange, either demodectic or sarcoptic, but there are other possibilities, particularly since mange can be very difficult to identify just by looking at the skin. A skin scraping is needed for a positive ID on mange.

Severe flea infestation can also bring on skin problems such as dermatitis which is another possibility.

A third, and less likely possibility, is skin problems from poor diet or food allergies.

Thyroid problems can also cause skin disorders that resemble your photo. Without running blood tests, such as a T-4 or general health profile, or taking a skin scraping to look for mange mites, it is very difficult to tell from just looking at a photo exactly what it is.

However, the bottom line is that it needs help to survive, especially since it already seems to be affecting the eyes, which is essential for survival in the wild.


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Hi all, driving home from work (we work nights) we have now seen on two different occations two seperate very large foxes. They look like foxes, beautiful healthy red coats and all other charactaristics of a english rural/urban fox but as I said much larger, infact the size of a very large stocky/muscular dog. What could it be? I've looked on other web sites for any information I can get but all say the same...foxes are smaller than we saw. We live in the garden of England south-east Kent any ideas? Its really bugging me.

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Don't know in your area, but there are coyotes here that are very red in colour and otherwise look like large foxes, particularly at night.

Coyotes can be almost white/light gray to brown to reddish in colour.

People from the city come out and always think they spotted a giant fox when in actuallity all they are seeing are coyotes.


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Dear Delandbecks, We live in Devon, SW UK, and have the same size fox type animals in our garden often,we would love to find out information on them.

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A similar animal, brown in color, with a face that looked like a combination of a cat and dog, short hair, and a non-fluffy tail, was injured and appeared at my front door. It hobbled away and later died in the side yard. There was a strong skunk odor, which made me think it had a fight with a skunk but I understand that foxes can have a similar smell. Yesterday, I saw another one of these animals run across the street. I have seen coyotes and foxes and this animal looked different.

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A fox for sure.

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I saw one this morning, but it seemed to be darker than the one in the picture. It startled me this morning on my way out the door. It was under my front porch. It was skinny and dark with the face of a fox. It's tail was long but no fur. It freaked me out. I don't know what it is.

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