A green insect that looks like a bit like leaves?

dragonstoneSeptember 23, 2006

A short while ago, I was in my backyard watering my elephant ears when suddenly I realized that this was a bug and not a crumpled leaf. I was suddenly surprised that I ran in and got a digital camera.

I did a search online and didn't find anything so I pretty much gave up. I figured it was one of those rare bugs that just pop up and disappear and no one would quite know what it was.

Until tonight when I saw two!

Bad picture since it was taken at night:

Does anyone have any idea on what they are? I thought maybe it could be a type of grasshopper but even that search isn't bringing anything up.

It's incredibly neat how the body looks like a leaf was folded in the right places.

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Those are katydids. We have them all over. That is what you hear calling at night- the two to three syllable calls.

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They make a rough sound, kind of like when you run a comb on your fingernails. It sounds like "zz-zz-zz" or "ka-ty-did".

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I was watering my hibiscus when I saw this green bug that was at least 2 1/2" long with big hind legs for hopping and a flat, almost square head. I plucked it off my bush and it flew away! Are they harmful to gardens? Or are they good for a garden?

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They eat leaves, but not a lot, IMPE - tend to be nocturnal, I believe.

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hey guys I got a good one! I have seen 3 of the beautiful katydids recently. is it legal to kill them? sorry I forgot to take a picture..

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Is it LEGAL to kill katydids? Ummm...no, they are not protected by the Department of Natural Resources. It's just senseless to kill them, not illegal.

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