Will a coyote eat a fox?

ms_minnamouseMarch 4, 2007

I didn't see an actual wildlife forum to ask this so I posted here.

I'm wondering if a coyote will eat a large red fox?

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I don't believe a coyote would kill a red fox simply for food. Overlap in habitat and competition for resources may incite an attack, but I don't think it's a common thing.

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I agree with muddy...territories of the coyote and fox often overlap but they do their best to avoid each other. The two species share the same food sources/prey, so when competition grows, there can be trouble. I've been watching a fox den for four years. Two years ago, the coyotes took over the den and killed two adults. I was never able to determine what happened to the young, but the coyotes rendezvous now at this site, and have taken it over for the most part. Here's great website site for fox info, and they even have a nice forum for fox lovers: http://www.foxforest.org/

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Yes, coyotes will intentionally target a fox as a food source. This is a documented fact. That is why the appearance of coyotes in a area with a fox population will result in decreased fox numbers. Coyotes have a broad palate and can out compete a fox in most environs.

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Coyotes will not normally attack and eat foxes, but if food is scarce, they will eat them if already dead as in the case of road kill or some other misfortune ending in death to the fox.

In our area, we are loaded with both coyotes and foxes. Coyotes will normally hunt prey that will not put up a fight, such as rats, rabbits, chickens, and even small calves, but rarely go after a fox, cat, dog, possum, or coon since they offer too much resistance when attacked.


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In the city they often target dogs n cats. Have seen it. From my experience, coyotes never seemed too particular about who they eat, if an opportunity shows up, meal- time! Peg

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