What is this creature/animal?

Cerberus14321January 16, 2014

me and a friend of mine went fishing at the sea.
We decided to go and fish on the 'Wave Breakers' (line of big stones that are supposed to break waves).

As we were fishing, i've noticed a Red 'Slime' like ball hanging between the rocks in the shadows inside the cracks between the rocks. When we have tried to get it off the rock, it was impossible to disconnect it with a rock.
Once he poked it with a stick, it started spraying water and releasing red-substance. We saw a lot of those creatures hanging between rock cracks (and a few of them had spikes)

Here are some pictures:

What is it? thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It looks like an anenome that has withdrawn its tentacles at low tide.
Could be a tunicate (urochordate or sea squirt) as well.

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This is a see-anemon, perhaps Actinia equina outside of the water at low tide

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Many Sea Anemones live this way, and hold water within their bodies, squirting it out when squished. They often live intertidally, and "flower" when the tide comes in. One of the best places to find food for organisms that are fixed to the bottom happens to be rocks and other things in the zone between high and low tides.
I would doubt that it is a Tunicate , or Sea Squirt, as they have two siphons, and this thing has only one pore.
I have seen many of these on the Georgia coast.

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