Busy bee or nectar-loving fly?

MarcPerrAugust 9, 2014

I know this photo is bad but this bee or wasp or whatever it is, was constantly on the movie devouring nectar from this plant. I don't know the plant, either but those green bumps open into small red flower cups.

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Neither - it is a wasp. It appears to be a bald-faced hornet, the sort that makes the very large paper nests in trees, etc.


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That's definitely what it looks like. Thank you! Here is a photo of a nest I took a couple years ago. Is this the nest they build?

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Yes, that is typical of a hornet's nest.

The two pairs of wings (actually 3 wings are visible, implying the 4th) would have ruled this out as a fly.

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Thank you, Larry.

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I know the value of bee's and love seeing them on my garden and flowers BUT...........they have started to move in on my hummingbird feeders. I have several feeders around the yard and many hummingbirds but the bee's have discovered their feeders and are driving the birds away. I don't want to kill the bee's or remove the feedeers but i can't have the bee's covering the feeders and making it dangerous for me and the dogs. HELP!!!! Is there something or someway to keep my feeders up and still not draw the bee's to the feeders???? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated tried. Thanks, Bob in Texas

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You might get more answers on the Hummingbird forum.

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