Feeder ID - Leucistic Goldfinch?

michey1st_gw Zone 7December 10, 2013

Hey there! I'm a newbie bird nerd in Maryland, and a first time poster here on the bird-watching forum *waves*

This afternoon, I spied an unusual goldfinch at my thistle feeder. He/she is struggling with getting the hang of the upside-down feeder (unfortunately, a necessity due to an overabundance of HOSP) and is shown here sharing a perch with one of the regulars. Is this a leucistic goldfinch? Apologies for the crappy photo - my cell camera leaves a bit to be desired >.Your help is appreciated!

Kindest regards,

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Welcome Michele! Not sure but it looks like it's in the midst of changing from its summer feathers to the drab, olive one for winter...

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I think it may be a leucistic junco. I've seen photos of four or five of them looks just like the one in your post. Here's a link to a birdwatch site. Scroll down a bit and there is an whole series of pics of one.

Here is a link that might be useful: leusistic junco

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michey1st_gw Zone 7

Thank you for the warm welcome and information, Surya and Calliope!

I'm not sure it's a junco, as behaviorally and size-wise, it was really behaving like a goldfinch. My Juncos don't really care for any of my feeders, and this little guy went straight to the thistle. BUT, the more I research, the more i'm leaning towards some form of leucistic variety (leucisism?).

He did seem to get picked on by others, although to be fair, a few of them are ornery and territorial little buggers that fight with anything that comes close.

I wish I had another snow day today so I could see if he returned, but alas, it all melted and I had to go to work =(

Thank you both for chiming in!

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If this bird comes back, could you try to snap another photo or two? I'm having trouble making an ID from this photo.

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michey1st_gw Zone 7


Thanks for jumping inI definitely will give it another go! I should get some decent birdwatching in on Saturday morning, although we are looking at a day of snow, sleet and freezing rain -- no telling what will venture out for a nibble! I will update this post if I manage to get another (better) photo.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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I'd say leucistic gold finch. Not sure. After following this forum for a while I've come to believe that albino refers to totally white (pink eyed bird). Partial albino is a bird with some white, but not all. Leucistic is a lighter colored bird perhaps retaining some markings and color.

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