Vegetarian suet?

catherinetDecember 15, 2013

I had bought my son's girlfriend a suet feeder and several cakes of suet for christmas. Then my daughter asked if she would be offended, since she's a vegetarian. Dang. I hadn't even thought of that. there a vegetarian "suet" out there? If so, is it made up of hydrogenated fats....which isn't good for humans either?
I suppose I could make several peanut butter-type concoctions in the cake-shape that would fit in the feeder I got her.
And also give her the recipe.
Any ideas? Thanks.
They have lots of woodpeckers where they live. I think real suet would be better for the birds.........but vegetarians might not agree. :(

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shillanorth Z4 AB

I believe the animal based suet has more calories than vegetable based fats - an important consideration for winter birds.

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I agree shillanorth. I think if she doesn't feel right using beef suet, I'll just go with a different gift.
Thanks for your input.

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donald lucius

especially in winter birds need very high concentrations of energy and calories and the meat fats are the highest in fat and calories. Birds digestives systems are extremely acidic
so that they are able to break down fats and seeds and plant fibers and with most birds they eat insects and worms and bugs.

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Suet is so important in the wintertime because birds spend so much energy just to stay warm. Suet provides more than twice the caloric energy as protein (peanut butter) or carbohydrates of the same weight. By the way, suet is good for them year round, though keeping it from spoiling in the summertime can be really difficult.

Birds NEED that animal fat, and since the girlfriend is not EATING the birds that are eating this fat--it should be a NON-issue.
I would give her the gift and then apologize if she is offended by it. If you are really concerned, look for information on why birds need suet and include it with her gift.

Here is a link that might be useful: Get the Skinny on Suet

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I make mine with a mix of cisco fat and a mix of sunflower millet red and white safflower bread crumbs peanuts butter and I have the cardinal coming all winter I also make about 6 of them and freeze them the junco love them also

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