Sparrow with no tail?

schoolhouse_gwOctober 27, 2009

I really couldn't believe it,but he appeared so round and plump I knew that something was missing. No tail! He was sitting on the porch while the rest of the sparrows flitted around the bird feeder. Just to see if he could fly, I rapped on the window and off he flew. Obviously a close encounter with a predator? I guess he'll be alright, didn't see a gaping wound just a little white stub. He was tan with brown, not the grey with a black head; certain he was a sparrow.

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wish you could've gotten a pic!!

Here is a link that might be useful: binocular harness

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Honestly, I stood at the window for quite awhile after my post hoping to see it among all the other sparrows and if I did to try and snap a photo. Maybe it will be back tomorrow. He/she was so cute! Little stumpy butt.

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I've seen this bird three times since and tried to snap a photo, but the sparrow spooks and flies off. He stays with the flock mostly. In fact just awhile ago I was drinking coffee on the back porch and two bird feeders hang less than three feet away. He landed twice on the feeder but saw me and took off. I watched him go to the other bird feeder that is probably 15yds. away at the edge of the field, and he is now hanging around there with a bunch of other sparrows. Seems to balance okay on the feeder. Looks like a little brown puff ball flying through the air!

I have my camera out now and will give it another try today.

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I got him! Pics aren't very clear but I tried to show that his tail is missing or just deformed. Is it a fledgling at this time of year?

He/she is sitting on the other side of the sparrow in the foreground:

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Cats do that to lucky birds. Better than getting mauled.

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Doesn't bother his flight any; so I guess he'll be alright. Glad there was no infection, it looks healed back there as far as I can determine. This morning he was on the feeder and suddenly turned and stared through the window at me. Okay! No more photos I promise!

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