Please name this insect

andyberryJune 8, 2014

Found this in the bathroom, when you put something near it, the insect curls it's tail over like a scorpion but it's obviously not a scorpion someone please help

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Female earwig. Don't know which species. Hope this helps.


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Looks more like a rove beetle. They commonly rear up the abdomen when threatened. Many Google images show this posture.

Antennae and pincers do not look prominent enough for earwig of either gender.

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Ditto on the rove beetle.
A predator. Put it outdoors.

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I have this worm/larvae in my soil. Last year I did not grow anything, I stored all the potting mix (miracle gro etc) in my compost bin. This year I opened the bin to use it and first it was either flying ants or termites. Then on all your advice, I turned the dirt and it worked. Last week I opened the bin again and I found these little worms and teeny tiny centipedes. Is it safe to grow vegetables in 5 gallon container using this or empty them all and start new?

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