Tiny 'ground pepper' like bugs on most window sills

kebuchanMarch 29, 2009

Hi all,

A picture would probably help but I can barely see these things let alone take a picture. Our window sills are all white and basically if you take ground black pepper, tap some on the sill and then blow it around, that's what it looks like. Some move, some are just there, probably dead. All the window sills that they're at are the ones with a bit of a draft, so we assume they're coming in from outside. They look black but they smudge into a brownish red color.

There's one on my monitor right now, I don't think they can fly, not sure how it got there.

Does anyone have any ideas on what they are? They seem to just crawl, I tried tapping and trying to get them to jump but I didn't see any other modes of travel.

My concern is we've got a 5 month old and two other kids, 4 and below and am concerned about them getting bitten etc.

They are smaller but looks like those tiny orange spider-like bugs you find - those make a colorful smudge too ;-)

I'm hoping these are seasonal or related to the wet weather going through this (Nothern Kentucky) are right now.

Any help/advice would be really appreciated!



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Just a followup, needed to update my original mesage. These bugs are brownish-red, not black as I originally thought. Got a better look at one in a really brightly lit room.

Also, they are getting in from ALL the windows, not just the ones that have a slight draft. Also in the bathroom with no windows - I guess the vent fan.

Saw something on the UKY.edu website, seems like they are "Clover mites". Goes along with the fact that our lawn was just fertilized - apparently attracts these things.

So, they can "walk" through closed windows! Not really sure what we can do to stop them.



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