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waiting_gwJuly 17, 2014

I've got two agressive Mockingbirds in my yard this year and one or two in the yard next door. The one next door even flew under the patio roof to attack my neighbor.

I had one agressive bird last year but it was in late May rather than mid-July. It was protecting a nest that I found later.

Do Mockingbirds nest this late in the year? Do they nest only once a year?

Last year was the first time we had problems with them, and only in my yard, so this year is an escallation. I can't even go in the back yard to water my tomatos so I'm probably going to cut down my peach, apple, and pomegranate trees so there won't be anywhere for them to nest next year.

Bugs get most of the apples and peaches anyway.

Addendum: For those of you who think I'm a cruel, terrible person for not wanting agressive birds dive-bombing people in my yard or my neighbor's, my neighbor is 82 years old, has had a knee replacement, a hip replacement (that had to be redone after the first one failed, and walks with a cane.

Stumbling and falling because a bird attacked her could put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

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They may be nesting - a second nest or a replacement for one they lost to predators.

Cutting the trees down may be an over-reaction, and may not solve the problem ... mockingbirds usually nest in thick spiny bushes, not fruit trees. Thin the trees, and check for thick bushes they are using.

If you have a pair and she has a pair, cutting your trees does nothing to help her. Installing some screen or wire mesh panels on her patio to keep the birds out would work,

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In the history of the world, mockingbirds have neither killed nor maimed a human.

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Please rethink before cutting your fruit trees down- they take so long to mature and start bearing fruits; it would be a shame.

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