Which bird?

LindaJuly 27, 2014

I just had a bird land on my windowsill and study me carefully before she flew off. I'm sure she was a she as she had understated coloring-a gray body with black wings. She was about the size of a canary and very slim with a pointed beak. No other colorings. Any ideas as to ID?

I have never seen one like this in many years of bird-watching. I am in southern Ohio.


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Kinglet? What color was its chest? Did it have an eye ring or an eye line?
Maybe it was a very young bird, that has different coloring than an adult?

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The chest was the same as everything but the wings-a shade of light gray, almost a blue-gray. No other markings except the black wings. I thought about it being a young one so I tried to ID by shape, size and beak. I'm coming up with nothing.


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Blue-gray gnatcatcher? Titmouse? juvenile indigo bunting?

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I'd imagine if you've been birdwatching for years you're familiar with a Northern Mockingbird, but have you successfully ruled out that species?

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