Chickamauga lake sheduled level raise ??

Pooh BearApril 1, 2005

Every year the Chickamauga lake (in Chattanooga area) gets raised to its Summer level early in the Spring. Usually around April 15. And it gets lowered to its Winter level sometime in the Fall. This year the schedule was supposedly changed to lengthen the time the lake stays at the Summer level.

I am trying to find the dates for when these events happen.

Can someone help me with this.

I can find daily shedules for water release, but not seasonal shedules.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Pooh Bear

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Under the new system, it's going to depend on the amount of water in the upstream reservoirs. Right now, inflow into the upstream reservoirs is slightly above average, and Chickamauga is starting to rise. (I'm looking out the window at the Holston right now, and it's flowing about normal; I'm on an undammed stretch of the river).

The TVA page below explains the new system and how it relates to Chickamauga reservoir. If you choose Chickamauaga from the reservoir list at the right, then "Operating Schedule," you'll get a graph with the details for this year's fill. As of last night, it's at 679.57" and rising. Normal summer level is about 682'.

Note that your reservoir level doesn't fluctuate wildly like some of the upstream reservoirs. Normal low level is 675' and the normal high level is just a little over 7' higher. The top of the dam is only 685.55', but TVA rarely lets it get that high because that floods Chattanooga. [Well, not that rarely...]

Here is a link that might be useful: TVA reservoir operating schedule

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Pooh Bear

Clear as mud.

Actually, looks like the lake level will start rising around the beginning of April, then start dropping around the end of September. Which would give a slightly longer season that in years past.


Pooh Bear

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