How Large or Small are Bluebird Eggs?

LindaMAAugust 11, 2008

The reason I ask is on Saturday I was in my yard cleaning out my birdbath when I looked down to see a broken empty blue egg shell, it was pretty small but definitely a blue egg shell. Could it be possible that there's a nest somewhere in my area?

I live in Western MA and have not seen any bluebirds in my area so I'm a little perplexed. I know that there are bluebird trails up at the state forest but that's a few miles from my house. Are there other birds that have blue eggs? I would sure love to think that there are bluebirds in my area but I doubt it this late in the season for New England.

Thank you!


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Many wild bird eggs are blue. The most common ones we see are probably robins or bluebirds. But if you flip through the pages on this web site, you will see a wide variety of eggs of many colors.
Sometimes a broken empty egg shell is the result of a competitor, such as the House Wren, who quickly steals an egg from a nest by piercing it with his beak, taking the egg and dropping it some distance away. Ants will then clean out the egg contents.
Brown Headed Cowbirds are parasitic; they will remove a host egg and lay one of their own for the host to raise, often growing faster and eating more than the host's young. Cuckoos and maybe some other birds also do that.
Sometimes the parent bird takes the eggshells away as their young hatch, and sometimes they eat the shells, providing additional calcium in their diet.
But, knowing that that there are bluebird trails a few miles from your house, it is likely that bluebirds do nest nearby. A few miles is nothing to a bird, considering the distance some of them migrate.
As for size, Bet's web site provides a comparison with bluebird and robin eggs here:

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Looking at Bet's site, the color of the Robin's egg is exactly the same as the shell I found, only it looked a bit smaller, about the size of the bluebird egg, but it could have very well been a Robin's if they nest this late in the season. There are a lot of Robin's in my backyard, there were a bunch of them out there last night.

Thank you BlueBars, I appreciate your response.


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