Heat killed eggs?

hallrightJuly 19, 2014

My bluebird female had just finished laying 4 eggs. This was her third batch of the summer. All others hatched. Right after laying we had a heat wave in the Roseville area . It went up to close to 110 that day, and my box is in full sun. I tried putting up an umbrella, but the female wouldn't accept it.
Now it has been over 20 days, and still no hatching. Could the eggs have been killed by the heat? I'm going to wait a bit, as the female, as of yesterday, was still brooding. How long should I wait before removing the eggs? Or, should I wait until the birds remove them?

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Have they hatched? I hope they did.

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Sialis site says this---According to Cornell, the optimal range for bird egg development is 96.8 ðF to 104.9 ðF (36 ðC to 40.5 ðC). If egg temperatures are lower, embryonic development slows. Higher temperatures can be lethal for the embryo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heat- info is from Sialis dot org

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