missing dad

jerseybob_gwJuly 21, 2014

We noticed about a week ago the dad is missing, mom has been working her butt off to keep the babies fed and diapered. Trying to help, I went and bought some mealworms. I tried placing them right under a spot that she perches, further away and even put some in the empty birdbath about 15 feet from the house. She hasn't taken any of them. Any suggestions on how to get her to accept them?

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I have notice that my bluebirds are not feeding the babies the mealworms I have put out either. Are they dried? I am wondering if they need fresh bugs for the water content. Did the dad come back?

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No, the dad never came back. They were fresh mealworms. The babies fledged on Friday Jul 25.
We haven't seen them around the area over the weekend.
We usually see them for a few days after fledging.

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My female has been gone for about 4 days-the daddy bb is working away and doing a great job tending the near 4 fledgings....

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