one big fat baby

anita55July 27, 2008

Good morning, everybody. This morning I was finally able to follow the father bird to where he was feeding the fledglings in the trees. I saw one big fat baby sitting high in the trees. I wonder if he is the only survivor. What a lot of work they go through only to lose most of the babies. So from two nestings and six fledglings I see only one baby. I suppose there may be more but I haven't seen them.


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Well anita you've got one more fledging then I'm seeing, Like you I'm wondering and hoping if they all survived. The first batch hung around to the second batch hatched and then shortly after, poof, they all disappeared.

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I have not seen my fledglings either. 6 the first nest all fledged, 5 the second, all fledged. Where are they hiding 11 babies????????

The first 6, the parents brought them to the worm feeder, when the second nest started, I never saw the fledglings again. I have yet so see the 5 from the 2nd nest.

I guess I will have to wait until winter so see how many made it.


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Anita, maybe you just didn't see the other ones. I was convinced there were only three left of the four we had here cause I always only saw three. Two days after the babies started following the adults to the feeders though I realized there were still four. I still see all of them daily however not always together anymore. This morning Dad came in with three little ones, they ate then left and then a bit later Mom came in with one, I am assuming it was the one not with Dad earlier. I am pretty sure I have one girl and three boys but the difference in the blue coloring on the backs of their wings. I hope you get to see all your Blues soon too.


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