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kidsdogshorsesJune 18, 2014

i noticed i joined this wonderful group 12 years ago this month. i had found a nest in my gas grill and needed to id the eggs. what followed was many hours of being on here learning about the wonderful Blues,but also a cyber coffee shop to meet every day and check in with each other. i was a semi regular back in the day and we had some real irregulars too. we shared our good times and not so good. heard about grandkids and kids graduating. some of the girls even got together for fun and sun at the beach (what was the nickname of that group? gettin old ain't for the faint of heart) i even mistook a particular southern fella for a girl and i think a lot of others did too cause we secretly e mailed how rough and tumble lil Reb was. turns out it was short for Rebel not Rebecca. my first set of Blues was called the Gas Grill Gang since they fledged from that grill i found 'em in and held up cookouts for a few weeks. i've been through a divorce since then, a few deaths of ones dear to me,but my kids are healthy 24,16 and 13 believe it or not and i think i'm healthy,at least i feel good. just realized how important this place was to me at that point in my life and miss those days, i see it's not near as busy as it once was and that's ok,guess all the topics got covered,but hope all is well in your world and hope to stop in from time to time.

Hoss (Tony)

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