ID of dead bird

kendra2003March 13, 2014

Just to avoid cat stuff, my cat is strictly an indoor cat. He has never been let outside. It was in the teens this morning, with a snowstorm. We do not have a fireplace with a chimney that birds could come down. So the only way this bird could have gotten in is when my husband left for work. He does not leave doors open, so this was just an odd and unfortunate occurrence to say the least. I caught the cat with something in his mouth in my kitchen, and it turned out to be this bird. I do not recognize it, and wondered if anyone can tell the identity of this bird. You can see that it has white wing bars. There appears to be some yellow on the back of the head and a bit of yellow around the neck in the front.

underside of bird

Top side of bird

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Looks like a lesser goldfinch going by a photo in Audubon handbook

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Agree with Goldfinch but, keeping range in mind, I'd say it's an adult nonbreeding American Goldfinch, probably female.

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I'm sorry, I should have stated that I'm in MA. So it can't be a Lesser Goldfinch since they're on the west coat. I do thank you for trying though. TMFF you are usually spot on with bird ID's. Can you explain the brown back/shoulder area? And why the head appears green? My understanding is that yellow is pigment, while green means a mix with blue which is done through refraction (since there is no blue pigment in bird feathers). While you may be correct (you usually are) I just can't see the American Goldfinch in the colors of this bird? I have many American Goldfinches around here, but this does not look like them at all.

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Certainly looks like an American Goldfinch to me. Some of the feathers probably appear greenish because they are wet is my guess. But based on all the other features of this birds plumage, it is a goldfinch.


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