Bird house???

JoshsheaMarch 22, 2014

Help! I made this bird feeding station and would like to put a bird house on top. I like the Purple Martin homes because they are large and have multiple holes. I usually see wrens, finches, cardinals and blue jays among others like wood peckers, small and large variety. I am NOT a bird specialist, just an observer that would like to provide a nice home for any type of small wild bird. I'm not picky! Does anyone have a suggestion of what I can add to my masterpiece to make it a bird Taj Mahal? LOL

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I'm no expert either but my first thought is that no bird would actually use the bird house if you placed it on top of that feeder station. There would be too much activity. I think they would prefer a quieter spot. If it's just for aesthetics, then fine, but if you want them to nest better find a different spot.

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Thanks. I was wondering if that would be the case. I'll just build another post and put it in another location in my yard. I just thought it would be convenient having a grocery store right under your house!

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Well, for aesthetics!

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Looks good!

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What a great idea to build that feeding station. It looks great. I use a double sheppard's hook for the same purpose.
I'm not an expert either but what I do know is that Hostanista is correct.
Another thing to consider about birdhouses is that different birds have different requirements when it comes to picking a home, something to consider if you're also building birdhouses. Size matters as well as how big the entrance is. It's also advisable to re-enforce the opening so larger birds can't widen it to get in.
They might also be picky about location and what direction the entrance faces, something to consider when putting a house up. I suggest to research the birds you'd like to see in a birdhouse and find out what kind they like, where to put it and how to face it.
Somehow, if we give them what they want, they seem to show up even if they've never have before.

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If you have your heart set on a Purple Martin house, do some specific research. Every PM condo I've ever seen was out in a field, by itself, away from trees and feeders.

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