An 'albino' cardinal !? - 3 photos

ronkwFebruary 3, 2011

I've been feeding a couple of hundred goldfinches and field sparrows, seriously, in addition to "my regulars."

So this guy showed up for the first time today.

No question a cardinal, but what do you make of the color??

Just one of Nature's little flukes, I guess.

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Very cool! It looks like a partial albino female. Genetic mutations are pretty cool when you get to see them. Nice pics too. Oh, your Field Sparrows are actually Chipping Sparrows. Field Sparrows do not have the dark line through the eye.


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That is awesome!

Just got this link to a rare yellow Cardinal on my birdky list serve..both birds are gorgeous!

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Hey BN, thank you so much for the proper sparrow ID. For the past couple of months I was thinking Chipping. Then recently, after more "research" I switched to Field.
And you point out such an obvious mark / trait that eluded me.
The Cardinal seemed to almost glow as it flew to and fro, due to it very light color.
I did a WHAT THE **** when first seeing it!

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Great pictures! lucky you!! Thanks for sharing.

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WONDERFUL pics there!!! What a cool Cardinal. I would be so excited to see that. Love the little Chippers. They are so cute!!~~Angie

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