Home made bird feeder

neill123February 17, 2014

Hi, just came across this fantastic bird feeding activity, its a pine cone feeder and looked really easy to make. I tried it with my children and the results were great, the cone attracted many species of birds to the garden and we enjoyed the making them, have a look at the recipe here.

Here is a link that might be useful: bird feeder

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Thank you for sharing us this helpful information on how to make a home made bird feeder. I will try to make it with my nephew this coming weekend. I'm sure that it will be a great bonding for us and at the same time it will attract birds in our backyard. Thank you again for sharing this.

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Thank you; I just checked it out. I have everything to make them but can't since the squirrels here are terrible to suet in any form. They "stole" my suet cages. Frustrated, I recently bought something callled a "suet palace" from amazon, put it up and they were still trying to get to the suet! They can't now though but my faithful red-bellied woodpecker doesn't know where the suet went. Smaller birds get to it easily.

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Some other easy ideas kids like --

Tie peanuts on a tring. You need at least two in a pod so you have a narrow spot for the string and you can tie several on a length of string. You can hang them anywhere, but it's especially fun if you have a "squirrel proof" feeder. Blue jays and woodpeckers love them and the squirrels will try to figure out how to get to them.

Drill large holes (using a small circle saw bit) into a piece of dropped tree branch and fill with a mixture of peanut butter, cornmeal and birdseed. .

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LOVE this idea! My grandchildren are always enthralled by the activity at my bird feeders. This is a fantastic project to do with them and I like the other ideas that've been shared as well. I'm printing the recipe and making note of the other ideas. We don't have a lot of pine cones around here though; sounds like a good reason to take a field trip!

Thanks for sharing!

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In extreme cold I just smear peanut butter directly on the tree trunks. That way I can spread "the joy" without further equipment. Sometimes it looks like a Christmas tree out there with Red-bellies, Blue jays & Goldfinches on the trees.

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