Bluebirds in Wisconsin

mlkbsktMarch 28, 2011

This is only my 2nd year at this. Please tell me approximately when bluebirds will return to nesting boxes in Wisconsin. I had taken mine down for the winter so mice wouldn't nest in it. It's back up now, and I am wondering how soon they may take up residence. I'm excited for them to return. Thanks!

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Not sure where you are located in WI, but I am in Central WI and saw my first bluebird pair on Saturday March 19th. We had an awful snowstorm on the 22/23 and I haven't seen them since but with the weather slowly warming up again I expect to see them soon. Wish the darn snow would melt faster though! That being said, nesting here in Central WI doesn't usually get under way until May but the birds show up before that.

How are your boxes mounted? I am wondering since you say mice get in them in the Winter. If the boxes are mounted properly (on a slick metal pole....NOT a tree or wooden post) then mice shouldn't be able to get in them. I have 10 boxes on our property and 5 at a park near us. They are all mounted on electrical conduit and none of them ever get mice in them. I leave them up year round so Winter birds can use them for roosting. Downy Woodpeckers love to roost in boxes in the Winter.

Please see the link below for lots of Bluebird info on how to properly host Bluebirds and other native cavity nesting birds.....


Here is a link that might be useful: sialis bluebird website

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Thank you for your response. I live in southern WI near Janesville. My box is on a wood post, however we do have a metal baffle made from stove pipe on it.

I check it every day to make sure sparrows or wrens aren't making a nest in it. Today I found wood shavings; no nest, but a mess. And, I can see where something has been knawing or pecking at the inside of the box. Do you suppose my downy or hairy woodpeckers are going inside?

Hope to see the bluebirds soon!

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I would definitely say Woodpeckers were there. They will excavate the inside of the box and they like woodchips in the bottom of a nestbx for nesting.~~Angie

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I'm 20 miles from Platteville, My Blues started building a week ago but then HOSP's took the box over. I put the Van Ert trap in it and have gotten 9 HOSP to Date. Usually the Blues here do their House Shopping at Midmorning. If you had them last year I'm sure they will be back, I think the tempature
has a lot to do with the urge to nest. I'm sure you'll get them soon with the forecasted warm temps the next few weeks. Good Luck & Have a Good Year...Frank

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I live in Wisconsin, in town, close to the Twin Cities and saw my first pair, this morning. Very excited to see them back.

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