Bluebird in my birdfeeder smashing the window

mothraeveMarch 20, 2012

I have a bird feeder right next to my window and a bluebird spends most of his day sitting in it. I don't think he really eats too much but he just likes to hang out there. It's a great view from my kitchen. Unfortunately, there is a reflection and he spends hours trying to get the bird in the window and keeps banging and banging the glass. He is a persistant little fellow and it makes for some amazing videos and photos. He has been doing this for the past 4 days and spends much of the day banging away. My window is completely scratched from his little beak. So far no banging today so I think he settled down to check out his house, not mine.

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A few years ago I experienced the same thing. It was a male and I figured out he was just defending his territory. He thought the reflection in the window was another bluebird. I think they do this around nesting time when they want to chase all other male bluebirds out of their area.

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