bluebirds in the snow

dave_in_vaFebruary 3, 2011

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OH MY WORD Dave. These are some of the most beautiful images of Bluebirds that I have ever laid eyes upon. Just STUNNINGLY gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing this joy.~~Angie

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INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!! What skill! Thanks so much for sharing.

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You're very welcome. I am glad you liked them. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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And just when I thought it could not get any better, you post more of these awesome photos. I am completely AWED! I just love my yard birds, but the Blues have always held a special place in my heart. Your photos literally make my heart sing!! Can you hear it?? (I'm sure it's out of tune!) LOLOLOL

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DAVE!!!! It's been ages...where have you been hiding?????
Great to see ya and your awesome photos, keep em coming, we have missed you!

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Dave, these are so beautiful, thank you for sharing. What are the little cups?

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Hi Lisa. Sorry to have stayed away so long. But it's nice to have been missed. I will try to do better.

Betty, the little cups are small cat food cans attached to a 1x2" board. When it snows a lot the birds sometimes have a tough time getting into the wire cage feeder. When that happens I set the board on top of the snow.

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Dave, fabulous photos as always. How do you keep HOSP and other birds from raiding the mealworm cups before the Blues can get to them? I could never put out open cups or they'd be devoured instantly by other birds and squirrels.

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Let me say, first of all, I allow the Carolina wrens, the downys, the song sparrows, the titmice and the chickadees to eat all they want. I keep plenty of meal worms on hand this time of year in case we have a lot of snow. (But I do not feed the HOSPs, regardless.)

This time of year I shoot my pictures from inside the house, through a full length glass storm door. I stand near the door and if the HOSP show up, I rattle the door knob, which seems to scare them away most of the time; at least they are gone for a few minutes. The Blues are used to this tactic and they usually only fly a few feet away, then come right back. My real problem is a mockingbird. He seems to enjoy harrassing the blues and even though he cannot get into the wire cage feeder, he will perch on it and keep the Blues away. He keeps this up, sometimes for several hours. And if I leave worms in an open cup, he will definitely hog them all. And he is brazen! I often have to go out on the deck to chase him and may get to within 5 feet of him before he will fly. I have an pellet gun and If he weren't protected I might be tempted to treat him like I treat the HOSP.

Here is a shot where the poor thing seems to be warming his feet.

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Kendra's question is a good one, and I was wondering the same thing. I currently have a male Robin and a male Mocker guarding the feeder area where my Bluebird feeders are. I am offering raisins, BB Nuggets, and Bark Butter in the Bluebird feeders right now, but my Blues are coming to my seed feeders for Sunflower hearts instead.~~Angie

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Dave - Thank you, Thank you!!! I am home recovering from an awful case of shingles.... and your beautiful photos just made my day :) (smiling in spite of the pain.....)

I cannot choose a favorite - they are all stunning. You are so kind to share your talent with us.

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Hi Cindy

I am sorry to hear you are suffering. I know how painful shingles can be. I am posting this picture just for you. I have many more snow pictures but I chose this shot of the birds in the Bradford Pear; a reminder that Spring is not far away, and my hope that you feel better soon.


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Dave, I haven't seen you in a while, but your work is still as beautiful as ever.

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Thanks so much for answering my question Dave. I have a box for feeding the Bluebirds, and the Carolina Wrens, Tufted Titmice, and some others do share the mealworms. But it does keep the squirrels out. Normally they can't even get up there because of the stovepipe guard. But this winter the snow is so deep, they just jump right on top. They can't reach through the wire to get to the food, but they sure do try, intimidating the Blues in the process. I'm absolutely inundated with squirrels this year. They eat everything I put out for the birds, and with all this snow it has been hard to discourage them. I'm guessing you don't have a problem with squirrels because they are quite brazen. Your pictures are just so wonderful. Thanks so much for posting those.

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FANTASTIC photos, Dave! I am (as always) in awe!

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Dave - how sweet - I love the photo of the bluebirds in the Bradford Pear trees. Here in Ga. ours are just now in full bloom. That really lifted my spirits!

I am feeling better now - just need to get my strength back. Thanks again for thinking of me! Cindy

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