problem with starlings

paf_kyJanuary 24, 2014

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to keep starlings from raiding the bird feeder? There is a flock of around a dozen starlings that fly in and in no time flat the feeder is practically empty and the other birds don't have a chance.

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not really, unless it gets ugly...even the usda sanctions poisoning starlings in certain's a snippet of a press report,

The use of this chemical is only effective during the winter months when large flocks consistently feed in one location. During the spring, summer and fall months, the birds are less likely to congregate in large numbers. During these months, the birds feed throughout the city, as well as local fields on grain and insects, making treatment applications impossible.

its best to just wait them out in the winter...the smaller birds all know that there's a pecking order at the feeder and they will wait their turn

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I find Starlings can only use the wooden feeder in my yard that has a shelf they can perch on. They can't fit on the tube feeders. Plus, I'm noticing the Starlings stay away when it's really cold out. Maybe a different feeder, like a tube feeder, will help?

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To add to this, they cling on suet cages, gobbling up the entire thing unless I catch them in time. They really are horrible and bullies too, chasing away the woodpeckers.

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hi I think starling are not all that bad they come and go check what in the feeder if you have bread they love it but the seed sunflower mullet safflower they are not crazy about this picture was taken in Dec 2013 and I don't really mind them

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I've seen a thing called an Upside Down Suet feeder at some hardware/farm stores that is supposed to deter starlings from feeding, but allow other birds that can feed upside down.. It's a suet cage that hangs horizontal with a lid on top. Might be worth looking for?


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I live in the different planet because they ignoring my feeders completely. And they getting harassed by my little budgies!

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