Fat from ground beef okay to use in suet?

trowelgalJanuary 20, 2012

Have never seen this addressed. I cooked some hamburger last night and drained off the fat into a soup can. It was solid by this morning and instead of tossing it out it occurred to me I might be able to mix it with some oatmeal and put it in my suet basket. Have any of you done this or something similar? Your thought will be appreciated. Thanks.

Trowelgal in Kansas

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I think you may need more "binder" in it so it doesn't just melt. I am sure someone here will advise.

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donald lucius

i make my own suet all the time. and i save all the fats from pork beef chicken and mix with peanut butter and oatmeal or cornmeal or mixed bird seed and add some lard or shortning. i mix till i get a thick dough that i can mold into the cage or crumble in a pan. i sometimes also use the plastic containers that berrys come in and freeze the extra containers to use later. the bottom half of a raspberry or blueberrys container will fit in most cages

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I have used raw suet, rendered suet, Snowcap lard, and bacon fat in the mixture I make. They all work well. I don't eat meat, but would think that hamburger grease would be very similar to rendered suet, which is beef fat that is heated and strained to remove the pieces of meat and gristle.

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Thanks for your responses. I mixed the beef fat with lard and whole wheat flour. Refrigerated it and it solidified nicely. It's outside now and has had some bird activity already.

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